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How to use 100 print books to promote self-published books in the best possible way

Self publishing involves a lot of efforts on the part of the author to promote his/her book. Printed books are a great way of promoting your published work. The main challenge for a self-published author is to make his/her visible to the targeted readers. Hence, one needs to start with giveaways, atleast in the family/social circle. Here are a few ways that can be uses to effectively publicize about your published book and make it leave a mark in the minds of the readers:

·         1 - The first copy that comes out of the press goes to you. Keep that as a trophy for all the hard work you have done.
·         3 - Give one to your spouse who supported and motivated you and sometimes complained about not sparing enough time for her/him. Remaining two must be given to your parents who brag about you, scold you however are always proud of you.
·         2 - To your teachers who encouraged you in any way all those years ago.
·         8 - To your all uncles and aunties who are part and parcel of your family.
·         10 – To your friends, neighbours, invited audience at the Book Release party. Surprise them with signed copies.
·         10 - Wrap a few as a holiday gift for your relatives that appears only on Special Occasions.
·         5 - Leave a book at your favorite shop, with a note explaining how this book is meant for reading and sharing. A few of the other famous bookstores in the city can be targeted to place your book.
·         1 - You can surprise your boss with one.
·         5 - Send copies to the editors of local newspapers. If they find the book attractive enough, they may publish a book review in the newspaper.
·         5 - Gift them to your colleagues with personalized messages.
·         5 - Send them to book reviewers.  Reviews from noted reviewers/critics might be beneficial for your literary growth.
·         10 - Use printed copies to giveaway to your online followers. Create an online contest and give printed books to the winners.
·         10 - Give them to your school and college alumni and library.
·         5 - Keep in your car for your new acquaintances and friendships.
·         5 – Participating in a conference/lecture? Take a few copies along and distribute to other invited dignitaries.
·         5 - If your book is an academic books, send evaluation copies to faculty of relevant colleges for review. If your book is a literary work, you must send copies to Literary/Sahitya Akademis as a nomination for literary awards.
·         5 – Collaborate with a reader’s club and circulate the copies in the group.
·         5 - Want to go for traditional publishing? You’ll need to send the book out to agents, go with printed copies that definitely put a good impression.


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