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How to use 100 print books to promote self-published books in the best possible way

Self publishing involves a lot of efforts on the part of the author to promote his/her book. Printed books are a great way of promoting your published work. The main challenge for a self-published author is to make his/her visible to the targeted readers. Hence, one needs to start with giveaways, atleast in the family/social circle. Here are a few ways that can be uses to effectively publicize about your published book and make it leave a mark in the minds of the readers:
·1 - The first copy that comes out of the press goes to you. Keep that as a trophy for all the hard work you have done. ·3 - Give one to your spouse who supported and motivated you and sometimes complained about not sparing enough time for her/him. Remaining two must be given to your parents who brag about you, scold you however are always proud of you. ·2 - To your teachers who encouraged you in any way all those years ago. ·8 - To your all uncles and aunties who are part and parcel of your family. ·10 – To your friends,…

Book Launch Events to Engage Readers & Drive Sales

A book launch event can attract publicity, engage readers and drive sales. Here are some pics from book launch events of some of the books published through us.

(Book launch event for Proceedings of the Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environments)
(Book launch event for Archi Talks)
(Book launch event for Trees in Urban Habitat)
(Book launch event for Yedapi)

Benefits of Self Publishing over Traditional Publishing

FactorSelf-PublishingTraditional PublishingWaiting PeriodSelf publishing model helps authors get their books published in a very short span of few days to weeksTraditional publishers take upto 6-12 months to bring a book into the market, IF they select the work for publishing.Possibility of Getting PublishedIn self-publishing, there is no rejection. Depends on evaluation of the manuscript.AvailabilityOnline across all major book selling platforms globally.Availability limited to specific markets/bookstoresCopyrightCopyright remains with the AuthorTraditional publishers usually keep the copyright of the bookIn-PrintThe book never goes out of print by the self publishing, print-on-demand model. Traditional publishers print the books for maximum 2-4 years seeing the sales and then do away with the book.Royalty PaymentSelf publishing offers transparency with respect to sales and royalties for the book. Author can monitor the sales and royalties online. Royalties are provided to the author…