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Dos  and  Don ' ts  for a First-time Author 1. Don’t write the book you just feel like writing. Simply don’t go with the topic you feel passionate about or have knowledge in. Do your research. Try to find out what is selling & trending. Plan of Action ·          Select a few topics you wish to write about. ·          Find & Select the category that goes with your topic. ·          Research & find out the trends & patterns: Keywords, Sub categories, common theme among the top sellers. Combine your knowledge, passion & what is trending to tailor your book. 2. Not Getting Your Work Professionally Edited Editing can make or break your book. Even if you have already decided to get your book edited, don’t pass on your manuscript for editing to your family & friends. Opt for a professional editor who is experienced in writing and editing and knows what to look for to make your book as best as it can be for release. Professional edi

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